Thursday, April 26, 2012

Keep it Fresh watercolor!

Here is an example of keeping it fresh.


  1. Hi Sir,
    I would like to know about palette settings.How to prepare our palette for painting? Do we have to prepare the palatte for each new painting or is this good to pour all colours in to the palette columns and pick necessary paints according to the painting subject? If the second one is good method, is there any way to keep the paints wet?

  2. i will be explaining the benefits of the colors that I use and how to set up your palette in the next 10 lessons. All watercolors can be reconstituted with clean filtered water. It's OK for the paint to dry on the palette. The colors that I will be using can be reconstituted at anytime with water.

    In the first few videos of the last session, my palette can be viewed where I have set up my colors in three of the four corners.