Monday, May 1, 2017

Teaching in Yosemite 2017

1st day of class - Studying Juan's three colors.

First day's effort on the Art Center Deck - raining.

Beginning washes

Midway thru painting.

Final painting 

Another day in class.

Studying three colors and three value studies.

Third day on the Art Center porch - rain showers today.

Final painting

Fourth day - beautiful sunny day.

Final painting.

Yosemite Art Center - soon to be demolished for a parking lot :(

 Final watercolor
Kay's watercolor

Saturday, March 25, 2017

march 25th watercolor workshop n

Afternoon of Juan's watercolor workshop

Beginning wash of afternoon painting

More washes

Almost finished

Juan Painting

Juan's painting projected to a TV screen so everyone can see Juan painting

Juan's finished painting

Student's painting

Morning of Juan's March 25th workshop

Beginning washes

Finished washes

One of the students paintings

Another students work

Third students work

Vertical presentation of Juan's painting

Juan's final painting